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Introducing FreshBI’s Hospital Hub Pocket Dash


As the cost of health care continues to rise, hospitals are seeking solutions. According to Deloitte , the most progressive hospitals are choosing to fundamentally transform their business models to not only reduce costs, but also to better engage consumers, enhance experience, compete with new entrants, and leverage technology.

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Length of Stay in Hospital: How to Predict the Duration of Inpatient Treatment


How many days will a particular person spend in a hospital? The length of stay (LOS) in a hospital , or the number of days from a patient’s admission to release, serves as a strong indicator of both medical and financial efficiency. In the US, the duration of hospitalization changed from an average of 20.5 Source: OECD Data.


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Leveraging Predictive Analytics for Improved Patient Care and Operational Excellence


Hospitals are currently facing challenges such as consumerization, workforce shortages, and the need for digital transformation. Operational Efficiency Amid Staffing Shortages : Envision a hospital during an unexpected patient surge – perhaps due to a local health crisis.

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How Providence Health Built a Model marketplace using Databricks?


Providence's MLOps Platform Providence is a healthcare organization with 120,000 caregivers serving over 50 hospitals and 1,000 clinics across seven states. Providence is.

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Top 3 Healthcare and Life Sciences Data + AI Predictions for 2024


This is happening while hospital supply chain overspending costs an estimated $25.4 billion annually — accounting for nearly 30% of all hospital spending in the U.S

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Top 30+ Computer Science Project Topics of 2023 [Source Code]

Knowledge Hut

Hospital Management System Type : Application development, Database management, Programming There is no shortage of computer science project topics out there. But if you are looking for something that's both technically challenging and socially relevant, consider a hospital management system.

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The “10x engineer:" 50 years ago and now

The Pragmatic Engineer

” Brooks agrees with this observation, and suggests a radical solution: have as few senior programmers as possible, and build a team around each one – a bit like how a hospital surgeon leads a whole team. Brooks suggests the set up below, borrowed from Harlan Mills, could work well: The chief programmer.