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Orchestrating dbt with Airflow: A Step by Step Guide to Automating Data Pipelines?—?Part II

Medium Data Engineering

In today’s data-centric landscape, organizations heavily rely on automated data pipelines to manage vast data volumes. dbt (data build… Continue reading on Medium »

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Jenkins vs Azure Devops: Top Differences & Similarities

Knowledge Hut

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline or managing the backlog seemed straightforward. Jenkins vs Azure DevOps: Platform Support With Jenkins' agent-centric model, builds and deployments across multiple platforms were feasible. Creating the Pipeline: Navigate to 'Pipelines' > 'Create Pipeline'.


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End-to-End Data Pipelines: Hitting Home Runs in Data Strategy

A star-studded baseball team is analogous to an optimized “end-to-end data pipeline” — both require strategy, precision, and skill to achieve success. Just as every play and position in baseball is key to a win, each component of a data pipeline is integral to effective data management.

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Creating Value With a Data-Centric Culture: Essential Capabilities to Treat Data as a Product

Treating data as a product is more than a concept; it’s a paradigm shift that can significantly elevate the value that business intelligence and data-centric decision-making have on the business. Data pipelines Data integrity Data lineage Data stewardship Data catalog Data product costing Let’s review each one in detail.

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Use Consistent And Up To Date Customer Profiles To Power Your Business With Segment Unify

Data Engineering Podcast

However, that's also something we're re-thinking with our warehouse-centric strategy. Rudderstack]([link] RudderStack provides all your customer data pipelines in one platform. You can collect, transform, and route data across your entire stack with its event streaming, ETL, and reverse ETL pipelines.

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Delivering Modern Enterprise Data Engineering with Cloudera Data Engineering on Azure


CDP Data Engineering offers an all-inclusive toolset that enables data pipeline orchestration, automation, advanced monitoring, visual profiling, and a comprehensive management toolset for streamlining ETL processes and making complex data actionable across your analytic teams. . A key aspect of ETL or ELT pipelines is automation.

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5 Takeaways from the Data Pipeline Automation Summit 2023

Going into the Data Pipeline Automation Summit 2023, we were thrilled to connect with our customers and partners and share the innovations we’ve been working on at Ascend. The summit explored the future of data pipeline automation and the endless possibilities it presents.