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Protected: DataOS Sales Accelerator for Food & Beverage

The Modern Data Company

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US Foods Builds Digital-First Ecommerce Platform with Data Streaming


Learn how US Foods built a digital-first ecommerce platform—using data streaming to future-proof its infrastructure and implement data mesh principles.

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Unapologetically Technical Episode 7 – Stephane Derosiaux

Jesse Anderson

We discuss the issues of British food and how to find good food in London. We talk about his time evolving architectures and creating real-time systems at Auchan (grocery) and Adeo/Leroy Merlin (Home Improvement). We chat about geeking and his views on minimalism.

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Data Science in Agriculture: Roles, Application, Examples

Knowledge Hut

Food Safety Finally, Data Science is also playing a role in food safety. By analyzing food-borne illness data, agricultural scientists can identify risk factors and develop strategies for reducing the spread of disease-causing bacteria. This helps to protect consumers and ensure that food products are safe for consumption.

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How to Maximize AI Performance with Amazon Bedrock Playgrounds?


Athens, Greece: Athens is a popular destination for budget travelers, offering a mix of historic ruins, vibrant nightlife, and affordable food options. Dublin, Ireland: Dublin is a popular destination for budget travelers, offering a mix of historic charm, vibrant cultural scene, and affordable food and drink options.

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 It’s Not Just About AI: Does Your Data Strategy Match Your Ambition? 


The sustainability goals of a large multinational food and beverage manufacturer provide an example; it has established very specific targets. At Sainsbury’s, a strategy update , “Next Level Sainsbury’s,” outlines goals, through FY2027, which support its “Food First” strategy. That applies to all types of goals.

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Insights from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London: Embracing Data Leadership and Strategy


A data leader from the food production industry highlighted the frustration of internal recommendations being overlooked in favor of consultants’ advice – even when that advice was similar to their own.

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