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Step-by-step Guide to Become a Data Scientist in Retail Industry

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A data scientist’s function is highly transferable, and data scientist employment is available in private and public sectors, […] The post Step-by-step Guide to Become a Data Scientist in Retail Industry appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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How AI is Transforming the Retail Industry


Let’s go beyond the traditional retail industry and discuss how advanced AI-powered innovations are driving business growth.

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Retail Media’s Business Case for Data Clean Rooms Part 2: Commercial Models


In Part 1 of “Retail Media’s Business Case for Data Clean Rooms,” we discussed how to (1) assess your data assets and (2) define your data structures and permissions. This can be based on a commitment to spend both on-site and off-site, driving demand across retail media products and increasing scale. Audience Segmentation2.

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5 Reasons Why Retail Media Is the Smart Approach for Online Retailers


To say the global retail market is challenging today would be a gross understatement. A rising cost of living, demanding consumer expectations, supply chain disruption and unforeseen public health crises like COVID-19 all contribute to the erosion of retailers’ bottom lines. What does this mean for retailers?

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Drive Your Retail Media Strategy with Data Clean Rooms 


Retail media is the topic everyone is talking about in the retail and consumer goods industry. retail media market is surging as retailers capitalize on the consumer shift to ecommerce while offering advertisers access to their unique audiences and data insights. What’s behind the retail media surge?

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Building an AI-Ready Retail Organization with Improved Data Governance


Artificial Intelligence is top-of-mind with every C-suite in Retail & Consumer Goods. Companies see the potential to deliver better customer service, derive faster.

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The Rising Tide of Women’s NCAA Basketball: A Boom for Retailers


The burgeoning interest in the women’s division presents unique opportunities for retailers to engage with an enthusiastic and expanding fan base. Analyzing the Impact on Store Visits Amid this backdrop, we explored whether the March Madness phenomenon extends its influence on the retail sector, particularly to Sporting Goods Stores.

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