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Reduce Friction In Your Business Analytics Through Entity Centric Data Modeling

Data Engineering Podcast

The major strategies in use today were created decades ago when the software and hardware for warehouse databases were far more constrained. In this episode Maxime Beauchemin of Airflow and Superset fame shares his vision for the entity-centric data model and how you can incorporate it into your own warehouse design.

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Object-centric Process Mining on Data Mesh Architectures

Data Science Blog: Data Engineering

The database for Process Mining is also establishing itself as an important hub for Data Science and AI applications, as process traces are very granular and informative about what is really going on in the business processes. Note from the author: Although object-centric process mining was introduced by Wil M.P.


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Why you should specify a production environment in dbt Cloud

dbt Developer Hub

By building your production-grade models into a different schema and database , you can experiment in peace without being worried that your changes will accidentally impact downstream users. We need to exchange a job-oriented strategy for a more mature and scalable environment-centric view of the world.

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How RPR Provides Top-Notch Geocoding Data with Precisely


The National Association of REALTORS ® clearly understands this challenge, which is why it built RPR (Realtors Property Resource), the nation’s largest parcel-centric database, exclusively for REALTORS ®. To learn more about RPR and access its database for yourself, visit us online. While RPR can now offer high accuracy for U.S.

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5 Key Takeaways from #Current2023


Their core value proposition is that streaming databases are inherently faster than Flink due to in-memory processing and state management. Kafka-centric approaches leave a lot to be desired, most notably operational complexity and difficulty integrating batch data, so there is certainly a gap to be filled. What about data lock-in?

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Data Engineer Roles And Responsibilities 2022


SQL – A database may be used to build data warehousing, combine it with other technologies, and analyze the data for commercial reasons with the help of strong SQL abilities. Pipeline-centric: Pipeline-centric Data Engineers collaborate with data researchers to maximize the use of the info they gather.

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How Windward Built Real-Time Logistics Tracking and AI Insights for the Maritime Industry


This enrichment data has changing schemas and new data providers are constantly being added to enhance the insights, making it challenging for Windward to support using relational databases with strict schemas. Windward also used specialized databases like Elasticsearch for specific functionality like text search.