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Setting up Data Lake on GCP using Cloud Storage and BigQuery

Analytics Vidhya

Data lakes provide a way to store and process large amounts of raw data in its original format, […] The post Setting up Data Lake on GCP using Cloud Storage and BigQuery appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. The need for a data lake arises from the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data companies need to manage and analyze.

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Creating ArcGIS Cloud Storage (ACS) connection files for STAC


This is a blog that will take users through workflows to create cloud storage connection files that can be used in their stac connections.


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Cloudera Operational Database (COD) Performance Benchmarking: Comparing HDFS and Cloud Storage


Powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix, COD ships out of the box with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) in the public cloud. It’s also multi-cloud ready to meet your business where it is today, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP. We tested for two cloud storages, AWS S3 and Azure ABFS. runtime version.

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What are the Best Free Cloud Storages in 2024?

Knowledge Hut

But one thing is for sure, tech enthusiasts like us will never stop hunting for the best free online cloud storage platforms to upgrade our unlimited free cloud storage game. What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage provides you with cost-effective, scalable storage. What is the need for it?

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Cloud Storage Adoption is the Need of the Hour for Business


The rush towards cloud storage means that the cloud has to offer a valuable proposition to businesses. Let’s explore why businesses regardless of their size should consider moving to the cloud.

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How to best create large 3D web layers in ArcGIS


You can host scene layers and 3D tiles layers in ArcGIS Online or reference datasets in cloud storage in ArcGIS Enterprise.

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It Just Got a Lot Easier to Offload Data From Vantage to Cloud Storage


Learn about the capabilities and benefits of NOS WRITE -- the latest offering within the Native Object Store feature, which was released in early 2020.