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AWS Lambdas – Python vs Rust. Performance and Cost Savings.

Confessions of a Data Guy

Someone on Linkedin recently brought up the point that companies could save gobs of money by swapping out AWS Python lambdas for Rust ones. While it raised the ire of many a Python Data Engineer, I thought it sounded like a great idea. At least it’s an excuse to […] The post AWS Lambdas – Python vs Rust.

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Isolated Python Environments using Docker

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction While working with multiple projects, there are chances of issues with versions of packages in python; for example, a project needs a new version of a package, and another requires a different version. Sometimes the python version itself changes from project to project.

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11 Python Magic Methods Every Programmer Should Know


Want to support the behavior of built-in functions and method calls in your Python classes? Magic methods in Python let you do just that! So let’s uncover the method behind the magic.

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How To Install OpenCV Python On Windows


In this blog, we will learn how we can install OpenCV python on windows. OpenCv is a python library which is used for real time computer vision. Open Command Prompt Run The Following Command pip install opencv-python Successfully installed OpenCV on your system. Following are the topics discussed in this article: What Is OpenCV?

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Snowflake To Acquire Ponder, Boosting Python Capabilities In the Data Cloud


One of our goals at Snowflake is to ensure we continue to deliver a best-in-class platform for Python developers. Snowflake customers are already harnessing the power of Python through Snowpark , a set of runtimes and libraries that securely deploy and process non-SQL code directly in Snowflake.

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Writing and linting Python at scale

Engineering at Meta

Python plays a big part at Meta. Meta even made contributions to Python 3.12 , the latest version of Python. On this episode of the Meta Tech Podcast , Meta engineer Pascal Hartig ( @passy ) is joined by Amethyst Reese, a production engineer at Meta, to discuss all things Python at Meta.

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What are Data Access Object and Data Transfer Object in Python?

Analytics Vidhya

This ensures easy […] The post What are Data Access Object and Data Transfer Object in Python? Especially while working with databases, it is often considered a good practice to follow a design pattern. appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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