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AWS Lambdas – Python vs Rust. Performance and Cost Savings.

Confessions of a Data Guy

Someone on Linkedin recently brought up the point that companies could save gobs of money by swapping out AWS Python lambdas for Rust ones. While it raised the ire of many a Python Data Engineer, I thought it sounded like a great idea. At least it’s an excuse to […] The post AWS Lambdas – Python vs Rust.

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10 GitHub Repositories to Master Python


Learn Python through tutorials, blogs, books, project work, and exercises. Access all of it on GitHub for free and join a supportive open-source community.

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Isolated Python Environments using Docker

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction While working with multiple projects, there are chances of issues with versions of packages in python; for example, a project needs a new version of a package, and another requires a different version. Sometimes the python version itself changes from project to project.

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How To Run Your Python Scripts

Knowledge Hut

If you are planning to enter the world of Python programming, the first and the most essential skill you should learn is knowing how to run Python script and code. Get certified learn more about Python Programming and apply those skills and knowledge in the real world. Is Python a Programming Language or a Scripting Language?

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7 Best Platforms to Practice Python


Looking to level up your Python skills and ace coding interviews? Start practicing today on these platforms.

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Mastering Python for Data Science: Beyond the Basics


This article serves as a detailed guide on how to master advanced Python techniques for data science. It covers topics such as efficient data manipulation with Pandas, parallel processing with Python, and how to turn models into web services.

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Python Enum: How To Build Enumerations in Python


Learn how to create and use enumerations in Python using the built-in enum module.

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