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dbt multi-project collaboration

Christophe Blefari

cross-project dependencies ( credits ) Over the last few years, dbt has become a de facto standard enabling companies to collaborate easily on data transformations. Whatever the number, there will be a critical point at which a single project no longer scale. Cross-project references is a key enabler to data team decentralisation.

Project 264
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An educational side project

The Pragmatic Engineer

I’d like to share a story about an educational side project which could prove fruitful for a software engineer who’s seeking a new job. Juraj created a systems design explainer on how he built this project, and the technologies used: The systems design diagram for the Rides application The app uses: Node.js Persistence.

Project 363

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Top 20 Data Engineering Project Ideas [With Source Code]

Analytics Vidhya

Aspiring data engineers often seek real-world projects to gain hands-on experience and showcase their expertise. This article presents the top 20 data engineering project ideas with their source code. Whether you’re […] The post Top 20 Data Engineering Project Ideas [With Source Code] appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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Unlocking Your dbt Projects With Practical Advice For Practitioners

Data Engineering Podcast

Summary The dbt project has become overwhelmingly popular across analytics and data engineering teams. Dustin Dorsey and Cameron Cyr co-authored a practical guide to building your dbt project. In this episode they share their hard-won wisdom about how to build and scale your dbt projects. What was your path to adoption of dbt?

Project 147
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Project Leader vs Project Manager: Differences & Similarities

Knowledge Hut

Both the project leader and project manager roles are crucial to a project's success if project management is your area of interest as a career. Research and introspection are required to comprehend and decide which role is best for you, especially if you are interested in pursuing a career in project management.

Project 98
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How to Become a Contract Project Manager?

Knowledge Hut

In the dynamic world of project management, professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and on time. In this article, I will guide you through the steps to embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a Contract Project Manager. Who is a Contract Project Manager, and What do They do?

Project 98
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10 ChatGPT Projects Cheat Sheet


KDnuggets' latest cheat sheet covers 10 curated hands-on projects to boost data science workflows with ChatGPT across ML, NLP, and full stack dev, including links to full project details.

Project 127