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An educational side project

The Pragmatic Engineer

I’d like to share a story about an educational side project which could prove fruitful for a software engineer who’s seeking a new job. Juraj created a systems design explainer on how he built this project, and the technologies used: The systems design diagram for the Rides application The app uses: Node.js Persistence.

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7 Data Engineering Projects To Put On Your Resume

Seattle Data Guy

Starting new data engineering projects can be challenging. Data engineers can get stuck on finding the right data for their data engineering project or picking the right tools. And many of my Youtube followers agree as they confirmed in a recent poll that starting a new data engineering project was difficult.


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How DoorDash uses XcodeGen to eliminate project merge conflicts

DoorDash Engineering

Through examining the development of our driver app, we can delve into the challenges of maintaining an Xcode project for a large team, including the growing pains large teams face and the difficulties of big project refactoring. Finally, we share our insights and experiences on how to use XcodeGen in a large-scale project.

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10 Interesting Project Management Project Ideas to Follow in 2023

Knowledge Hut

Project management is a critical function for every organization to achieve its goals in a successful and effective manner. According to one report, project management employment in the United States is predicted to expand by 33% between 2017 and 2027. Check out our Project Management courses to learn more about project management.

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opam-nix: Nixify Your OCaml Projects


This is a problem for modern software stacks, which often feature multiple programming languages in a single project. If that sounds scary, don’t worry, opam-nix also provides high-level tools which make Nixifying your OCaml projects a breeze. Also, the templates are suited to building opam projects.

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Top 30+ Project Management (PMP) Terms - Every Project Manager Should Know

Knowledge Hut

Project management is vital to the success of any company. It is responsible for keeping all project details organized, prioritized, and on track to meet deadlines and ensure quality. It also has a lot of influence over whether or not a project is completed successfully. What are Project Management Terms?

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Projects in SQL Stream Builder


Businesses everywhere have engaged in modernization projects with the goal of making their data and application infrastructure more nimble and dynamic. and in the Community Edition ), we have redesigned the workflow from the ground up, organizing all resources into Projects. What is a Project in SSB?

SQL 80