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The benefits of modern data architecture

InData Labs

Big data is central to the efficient running of all modern organizations, but to be of use, raw data must be suitably organized. Запись The benefits of modern data architecture впервые появилась InData Labs.

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How Marriott Modernized Their Data Architecture with Snowflake


More than 50% of data leaders recently surveyed by BCG said the complexity of their data architecture is a significant pain point in their enterprise. As a result,” says BCG, “many companies find themselves at a tipping point, at risk of drowning in a deluge of data, overburdened with complexity and costs.”


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Exploring Data Mesh: A Paradigm Shift in Data Architecture


Let’s explore Data Mesh, a modern approach to data architecture that decentralizes data ownership and management.

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Modern Data Architectures Provide a Foundation for Innovation


At Precisely’s Trust ’23 conference, Chief Operating Officer Eric Yau hosted an expert panel discussion on modern data architectures. The group kicked off the session by exchanging ideas about what it means to have a modern data architecture.

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Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Every data-driven project calls for a review of your data architecture—and that includes embedded analytics. Before you add new dashboards and reports to your application, you need to evaluate your data architecture with analytics in mind. 9 questions to ask yourself when planning your ideal architecture.

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Five Ways A Modern Data Architecture Can Reduce Costs in Telco


The way to achieve this balance is by moving to a modern data architecture (MDA) that makes it easier to manage, integrate, and govern large volumes of distributed data. When you deploy a platform that supports MDA you can consolidate other systems, like legacy data mediation and disparate data storage solutions.

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Data Fabric: The Future of Data Architecture

Monte Carlo

Today, as data sources become increasingly varied, data management becomes more complex, and agility and scalability become essential traits for data leaders, data fabric is quickly becoming the future of data architecture. If data fabric is the future, how can you get your organization up-to-speed?