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What are Data Access Object and Data Transfer Object in Python?

Analytics Vidhya

This ensures easy […] The post What are Data Access Object and Data Transfer Object in Python? The pattern is not an actual code but a template that can be used to solve problems in different situations. Especially while working with databases, it is often considered a good practice to follow a design pattern.

Python 235
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365 Data Science Offers Free Course Access Until Nov. 20


From November 6 (07:00 PST) to November 20 (07:00 PST), enjoy free unlimited access to 365 Data Science's comprehensive curriculum, interactive courses, practical data projects, and earn industry-recognized certificates—all at no charge.


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Securely Scaling Big Data Access Controls At Pinterest

Pinterest Engineering

Each dataset needs to be securely stored with minimal access granted to ensure they are used appropriately and can easily be located and disposed of when necessary. Consequently, access control mechanisms also need to scale constantly to handle the ever-increasing diversification.

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Startup Spotlight: Pave Seeks to Remove Barriers to Accessible Lending


I’m inspired by the opportunity to create a more accessible and fair financial system for underserved communities, alleviating the struggle and ultimately boosting economic growth. The majority of Americans struggle to access fair credit—especially those who don’t fit the profile of a typical borrower.

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Testing with Intent: a Path to Embedded Accessibility by Sam Gladstone

Scott Logic

Embedded Accessibility is a vision of building accessible products by default. We can consider accessibility embedded when it no longer needs to be prioritised because it is already at the core of the delivery process. Our products will also be more accessible by default. Does this sound familiar?

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4 Ways Better Access to Healthcare Data Can Improve Patient Outcomes


From improving patient outcomes to increasing clinical efficiencies, better access to data is helping healthcare organizations deliver better patient care. Here are four ways improved access to data can help healthcare organizations provide patients with better care: 1. These alarming trends have healthcare administrators on red alert.

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Data Access API over Data Lake Tables Without the Complexity

Towards Data Science

Data Access API over Data Lake Tables Without the Complexity Build a robust GraphQL API service on top of your S3 data lake files with DuckDB and Go Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash 1. We want to create a service that will expose just 3 fields from this parquet table for fast API access: name , last_name , and age.