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Unknown Magic Byte! How to Address Magic Byte Errors in Apache Kafka


If you've used Kafka Streams, Kafka clients, or Schema Registry, you’ve probably felt the frustration of unknown magic bytes. Here are a few ways to fix the issue.

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Exploring Careers in Data Science One Byte at a Time


Kira Radinsky of Diagnostic Robotics Chairwoman & CTO, shared, “My true passion is arming humanity with scientific capabilities to automatically anticipate,… The post Exploring Careers in Data Science One Byte at a Time appeared first on Emeritus Online Courses.

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Byte Down: Making Netflix’s Data Infrastructure Cost-Effective

Netflix Tech

By Torio Risianto, Bhargavi Reddy, Tanvi Sahni, Andrew Park Continue reading on Netflix TechBlog ».

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Snowflake Cloning Facts


As per the definition: RETAINED_FOR_CLONE_BYTES: Bytes owned by (and billed to) this table that are retained after deletion because they are referenced by one or more clones of this table. Retained For Cloned Bytes So till the time your CLONE table is available you have to pay the storage cost even the original table is dropped.

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Announcing ksqlDB 0.21.0


This release includes a major upgrade to ksqlDB’s foreign-key joins, the new data type BYTES, and a new ARRAY_CONCAT function. We’re pleased to announce ksqlDB 0.21.0! All of these features […].

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Monitoring Cloudera DataFlow Deployments With Prometheus and Grafana


By using component_name and “Hello World Prometheus,” we’re monitoring the bytes received aggregated by the entire process group and therefore the flow. Select the nifi_amount_bytes_received metric. Use the label filters to narrow down the component in the flow.

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A fine-grained network traffic analysis with Millisampler

Engineering at Meta

It computes ingress and egress total bytes and ingress ECN-marked bytes from the lengths and CE bits of the packets. Millisampler collects a variety of metrics. Millisampler also sounds TTLd marked retransmits. Millisampler uses a 128-bit sketch to estimate the number of active (incoming and outgoing) connections.

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