Sat.Feb 17, 2024

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The Abstraction Problem – A Great Evil

Confessions of a Data Guy

There is a great evil Spirit that is haunting the streets of code in the land of programmers. It’s a Spirit of obfuscation and twisting things into what they are not. The Spirit wanders around on the loose looking for someone, and it finds ready victims among the ranks of new programmers and the innocent […] The post The Abstraction Problem – A Great Evil appeared first on Confessions of a Data Guy.

Coding 113
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Database Data Transformation for Data Engineers

Towards Data Science

Advanced techniques for beginners Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

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Elevating Casino Business Intelligence: A Fresh Perspective


As a Business Intelligence Consultant and Microsoft Silver Partner, we have had the opportunity to delve deeply into the niche yet dynamic world of casino business intelligence. The fascinating interplay between data and decision-making in the casino industry has always intrigued us. At Fresh BI, we have pioneered a unique approach to leveraging business intelligence specifically tailored for casinos.